Free Radio iPhone

If you haven’t heard it yet, AccuRadio is the internet’s leading independent radio broadcaster, the quintessential personalizable, multichannel streaming radio listening service. Enter FlyTunes, a company that has just created a mobile version of “Hurricane”, its patent-pending streaming technology, and you have a partnership that was made for iPhone.

At the April 14th RAIN (Radio and Internet Newsletter) Summit in Las Vegas, FlyTunes announced the launch of a complete mobile AccuRadio portal which combines a user-friendly interface, targeted advertising delivery, and enhanced streaming quality (QoS). Best of all, this new mobile radio service is iPhone compatible. This gives satellite radio giants Sirius and XM a run for their money, as they still scramble to get support on the various smartphone OS platforms.

Webcasting, or internet radio, currently serves over 50 million American listeners each month. And already AccuRadio – as the self-avowed “Next Generation of Radio”, and one of five nominees for the 2008 Webby Awards (“the Oscars of the Internet”) in the category of Best Radio – serves a good half-a-million of them, at least. That number is poised to swell now that smartphone users can access the service through their handheld devices – including the iPhone. Not only that, but the service is also available for users of the iPod Touch.

Whatever your musical tastes, AccuRadio has it, offering Rock, Pop, Classical, Country, Jazz, Broadway, and more: over 320 different genre-specific stations in all. Other categories to titillate mobile music fans include Oldies, Blues, Soul, Hip-Hop, Latin, Swing, Cabaret, Celtic, Reggae, Native American, and Chinese Pop. Now that’s variety! Plus, as if that wasn’t enough, AccuRadio even lets users build their own radio channels, if they like.

On the critical side, the mobile interface is still more like standard, traditional or “terrestrial” FM radio than satellite or internet radio in that it doesn’t yet display the name of the song playing, and doesn’t let users skip past songs they don’t like. Stations load up as a QuickTime movie.

If webcasting was once the new frontier, mobile webcasting has now taken its place, and rightfully so. Our culture is one that is increasingly on the go, and not everybody is crazy about the idea of listening to the same music from their iTunes library or other MP3 collection over and over again. The innovation of the FlyTunes’ AccuRadio mobile platform allows people on-the-go the same ever-changing variety of audio entertainment that commuters have had for decades through their car stereos.